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The San Francisco Boardsailing Association (SFBA) is a California not-for-profit organization incorporated in 1986…..

  • To ensure that Windsurfers and Kiteboarders (Boardsailors) have unrestricted access to San Francisco Bay;
  • To create and improve boardsailing launch sites and facilities; and
  • To promote and enhance boardsailing safety and related education.

To this end, SFBA ….

  • Initiates, builds consensus for and contributes to launch site access improvements and enhancements;
  • Actively sponsors safety, outreach and special events;
  • Participates in the planning processes for special events, development, reuse and redevelopment of public and private properties adjacent to San Francisco and Tomales Bays; and
  • Engages in all activities which may impact, threaten or enhance the recreational uses of Windsurfing and/or Kiteboarding in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area

In pursuit of these objectives, SFBA representatives work closely with local, state and federal officials to address all proposed shoreline development and special events which might impact Bay access and/or wind quality, and to create opportunities for improving access and facilities. Throughout its history, SFBA has remained active at the following sites:

Central Bay

  1. Crissy Field
  2. Fort Baker
  3. Treasure Island

North Bay

  1. Corte Madera Marsh
  2. Larkspur
  3. Marin Rod and Gun Club
  4. Tomales Bay

South Bay

  1. Candlestick Point Park
  2. Oyster Point
  3. Flying Tigers - SFO
  4. Coyote Point
  5. Third Ave - Foster City
  6. South Bay – Palo Alto

East Bay

  1. Berkeley Marina and HS Lordships
  2. Emeryville
  3. Albany Beach
  4. Pt. Isabel
  5. Crown Beach – Alameda

 Regional Initiatives

  1. Bay Area Water Trail
  2. WETA – Water Emergency Transportation Authority development Impacts
  3. 34th America’s Cup Impacts to Access and On-Water Use

SFBA also hosts and sponsors Boardsailing and Kiteboarding training and safety events, and conductsan annualtraining for US Coast Guard and USCG Auxiliary personnel in the rescue of Boardsailors and Kiteboarders.  Because USCG personnel already know how to save lives, these early-season training events focus on the best ways to retrieve our fellow windsurfers and kiters and it gives new USCG rescue personnel their very first hands-on experience in the handling and safe retrieval of equipment.

SFBA posts safety information at as many access points as possible, and provides Bay Area boardsailing and kiteboarding information online.  SFBA Board of Directors and Site Stewards are readily available to assist anyone with safety or access questions through our Contacts button on this website.

SFBA operates with 100% Volunteers and its activities are funded by membership dues and donations. Your annual membership dues (think donation or contribution) go entirely to support boardsailing and kiteboarding in the Bay Area.


Your contributions fund everything from the new Crissy East Beach Webcam  ( and the 3rd Avenue Webcam; to underwater hazard marker buoys; to launch site porta-potties; to women-only kiteboarding training events; to safety events; to outreach events, membership parties and BBQs; and launch site improvements.  Under the stewardship of SFBA, members and foundations have also directly contributed funds, professional expertise and personal time for everything from site improvements (piling removal, shoreline access, launch ramp feasibility studies and designs, etc.) to beach cleanups to introductory instruction to advanced coaching to the enhancement of training center facilitiesand donation of a windsurfing simulator.

The SFBA Board of Directors tirelessly give their time and would rather be windsurfing and kiteboarding than meeting with various agency officials, writing letters to government agencies, participating in public hearings, addressing development pressures and special event impacts, fussing with web and facebook sites, building consensus for site improvements and finding funds for site improvement planning, design and construction. If you would like to donate time or resources to the preservation and enhancement of boardsailing access and safety, please contact SFBA at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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