Board of Directors 

Bill Robberson - President       Bill is a founding member of SFBA and a Crissy Field regular, where in 1976 he windsurfed up to the beach for the first time amidst a military landing craft exercise.  SFBA incorporated in 1986 in-part to build a large-enough constituency to have an influence over the future of Crissy Field , at which point Bill led the SFBA effort to establish Crissy Field as a permanent windsurfing site with seven acres of grass rigging and parking.  Over the years of public meetings, environmental review and red-tape, Bill and his team of three other SFBA members (John Obrien, Jay Valentine and Jeff Bunch) drove the planning and design of the present Crissy Field East Beach.  

In 1981, Bill and several others blazed the way (drove) through an old CALTRANS fence into the first parking and access point at the end of 3rd Avenue in Foster City just east of today's improved access.  At around the same time, Bill and friends forged the first access to Coyote Point adjacent to the Humane Society facilities and inspired the County of San Mateo to bring in convicts to remove the broken glass and sharp metal from the tidal zone.  

Bill also was instrumental in SFBA's opposition to the SFO proposed runway expansion in the late 90's and early 2000s.  As a career professional aviator, Bill reached-out and presented regularly about the promising role of existing and new aviation technology in resolving much of SFOs weather delays.  More recently Bill and other SFBA Board Members have been working to minimize the negative impacts of the AC34 events at Crissy and to improve parking and launch conditions at Treasure Island as partial mitigation.  Concurrently, Bill and others have been focusing on prohibiting and mitigating of the proposed Airport Blvd development upwind of Coyote Point Park.  At the same time, with the equipment contributions of many local boardsailors, Bill assembled, shipped and established a windsurfing school and club in Viet Nam.  Bill lives and works in San Francisco and is now a Civil Engineer by profession. 

Nancy Peck - Treasurer     Nancy 's  weekdays are busy running a large SF accounting firm, but on the weekends she shoots up to the Delta with her husband to rip the Delta. They relax and recover in their cozy trailer near the power-lines on Sherman Island.  Forget that fog and salt!

Jim McGrath  - Vice President   Jim has been sailing the Bay for decades, and racing almost as long.  He is a regular in the local Formula scene so his smallest rig is 8.5. Homebase is Berkeley and when not on the water, he is busy fighting for the public's right to access and enjoy the Bay by serving on both the Bay Conservation and Development Commission and the Berkeley Waterfront Commission.    

 Tom Gandesbery -  Tom lives and works in the East Bay and so often ends up sailing at T.I.  Each year he struggles to get his jumps honed to perfection and readied for the forward loop that almost happens before the season ends.  Tom is very active in the Marin, East Bay and Treasure Island access issues and projects.  

Patrick Whitmarsh Patrick is a kiter convert, racer of 18-foot skiffs and big boat racer.  Each year he crews those big craft in races that end in "Pac"!  Question is:  Does he kite off the back of the 48 footers?

David Lyon David is a kiter who lives in Santa Cruz and works in Silicon Valley.  He often is seen launching at Third Avenue.  He too is burdened with a big beautiful sail boat, which he takes to the Delta for use as a kite launch and recovery support vehicle.  

David Nelson   David N. is another one of those windsurfer-turned-kiter and is also our Information Technology guru.  (Programming is the day job).  David hangs from one of his many kites often in the Bay Area.   Makes frequent pilgrimages to the Delta and Mexico.   

Tomer Petel   Tomer has been a kiteboarder on the Bay for four years now (2014).  He is a regular at Third Avenue Upper Launch, Sherman Island and the Golden Gate Racetrack in the East Bay.  Every year Tomer chooses a new goal, with the last few being 'board-offs' and 'double-rolls'!  He hopes to contribute more to the Third Avenue Upper Launch improvements and longevity of access. 

Jeffrey Finn Jeff is a long-time enthusiastic Windsurfer and Kite-boarder - he has been on the water for the last 27 years.



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