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Work in Progress.


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Front page:

Area above the horizontal menu:

seems to me, this is a terribly inefficient use of the top 3rd or so of the screen, putting valuable content "under the fold".

The Menu:

Main Content

Left SideBar

Bottom Content (the 4 boxes) 

Under Content Area (copyright/small print)


About Menu:

  1. SFBA in a Nutshell 
  2. Sailing FAQ
  3. Board of Directors
  4. Contact SFBA
  5. -- SFBA Contacts (sub-menu)
  6. SFBA on Facebook
  7. Site Map
  8. Board Member Bios






Multi Media





Installed Extensions:      
Extension   Description Our immediate use Potential Future use
 SobiPro  Multi-Directory Component Shops Directory, Sites Directory Member Directory


Joomla 2.5,

RocketThemes' Modulus http://www.rockettheme.com/docs/joomla/templates/modulus 

built on Gantry Framwork http://www.rockettheme.com/docs/joomla/templates/modulus,




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