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The SFBA needs your help in fighting some proposed new access restrictions to one of San Francisco Bay's crown jewels, Treasure Island. The San Francisco Board of Supervisors is about to review a proposed new toll for cars wanting to gain access to Treasure Island, and we need to let them know just how bad an idea this is.

This toll will affect not only recreational users of the island but anyone wanting to gain access to the island by car. The Islands' local businesses and their employees will be direly impacted. Low-income residents and their friends and family will now have to pay to visit or just to commute to work. People coming from the East Bay will need to pay 2 tolls! The details behind this plan are so poorly thought out and you need only look at their proposed rate table to see just what we are talking about. The narrative being spun by supporters of the toll is that by using the proceeds of the toll to fund a new ferry service these funds will help to alleviate congestion on our roadways and they are right. No one will be able to afford to go there. This isn't Disneyland it's public land.

The SFBA is actively seeking your support in stopping this toll from going forward and ensuring San Francisco Bay remains open to all. Access to the water and the shoreline surrounding Treasure Island is part of the public domain and not something we charge for. Here are some steps you can take to let the San Francisco Board of Supervisors know just exactly what the right vote is on this proposed new toll. That vote is No.

Here's How You Can Help

First, everyone should sign this petition on After signing for yourself please send this petition far and wide.

​Secondly, for San Francisco residents, after signing the petition we need you to write your supervisor and let them know you do not support this new toll and that their re-election hinges on it. To find the supervisor for your district click here You can download some sample letters below.

​​Sign up for the public comment section of the meeting and have your voice heard.

Thanks ahead of time for your help and support in getting this toll stopped before access to the bay via treasure island is restricted forever.

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\7/2/2022 Update - We have removed the letter campaign & petition drive for now. Stay tuned we may need your help again.