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alameda erosion

If you have been to Alameda to sail this year you have seen the severe erosion that has effectively changed the safe launch and landing zones. The team at Boardsports is working on the issues with the East Bay Regional Parks but in the meantime let's work together to make it safe at Alameda. 

First up we appreciate your patience. Working with government agencies takes time, especially when money is involved. Boardsports is actively engaged to get some long-term and short-term fixes put in place. 

Proposed short-term solutions to mitigate the impact of the rocks installed in front of the concession and the beach erosion that has eliminated access for teaching lessons and offering rentals:

  • Move kite launch area north of concession building (see map)
  • Install wind sports equipment friendly (no metal, no sharp poles, low height) signage for the general public to know about new kite launch area north of the concession, and new wind sports access ramps adjacent to the concession. Our proposed kite signage would read as our current signs do: “KITE LAUNCH AREA KEEP CLEAR”. For the wind sports ramps adjacent to the concession, our prosed signage would read “WIND SPORTS ACCESS RAMPS KEEP CLEAR”
  • Install 2 15 feet-wide ingress/egress ramps at the new kite launch area to facilitate entry/exit from the water. The current cliff prevents any access at all.
  • Install 2 15 feet-wide ingress/egress ramps near the concession to restore access for beginner windsurfers, wing surfers, stand up paddlers.
  • Install snow fencing just north of the concession to allow us a clear access path and a teaching area for windsurfing lessons and rentals.
  • Move sand to concession launch area and new kite launch area to promote better access and safety for entering/ exiting water
  • Install shower onto existing bathroom building for the public to rinse off (prevent swimmer’s itch - important for public safety

Proposed long-term solutions:

  • Move large amounts of sand to restore access adjacent to concession
  • Remove short term solution rock wall in front of concession as the rocks pose a danger to beginner safety and to their equipment
    Install 4 permanent ramps to support concession ingress/egress and kite launch area ingress/egress

While we wait for these fixes to be put in place Rich Ross has suggested some great ideas to promote safety if we all follow the same playbook. 

We'd love to hear your feedback and inputs on the below ideas. We'd like to make them available at the beach but let us know your input to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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