The SFBA's mission is protecting and enhancing recreational access to San Francisco Bay

410 Airport Boulevard

San Francisco Bay is about to get a brand new wind sports access point. One that just may hold some of the keys to helping mitigate the upcoming effects of Sea Level Rise. 

 The new park, Bay Rise Park, is located in Burlingame and features 9.4 Acres of new opportunity. The park's design emphasizes bringing restoration, education, and recreation together using an innovative new Nature Based approach to prepare our shorelines for Sea Level Rise. With improved trails, water sports access, and 3.5 Acres of habitat restoration the park is certain to be one of the area's crown jewels. 

The SFBA is engaged with community leaders and park officials to work toward the design that best serves the community. By restoring the Bay ecosystem's natural progression of habitats, the park's design will act as a demonstration project for a nature-based approach to sea level rise adaptation.  Beyond a great design, and innovative technology, the unification of education, restoration, and recreation into a united effort just may be one of the best tools we have to fight climate change. 

The park is currently in the design and approvals stage. Construction will begin in 2024 and the park will open in 2027. The SFBA is proud to be part of literally helping raise the San Francisco Bay and to make the process of doing so a win for all along the way. 

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