The SFBA's mission is protecting and enhancing recreational access to San Francisco Bay


The San Francisco Boardsailing Association (SFBA) has been protecting and expanding access to San Francisco Bay for over 40 years. In fact, when we started there really was only one kind of boardsailing, windsurfing. It was quite a lucky move however that we went with the generic “boardsailing” in our name as innovation has brought us lots of new ways to have fun on the water. So, whether you Kiteboard, Wing Foil, Windsurf, Kite Foil, or Wind Foil it's all board sailing to us.

Regardless of what you ride, we all need access to the bay in order to enjoy it. Over the last 4 decades our efforts to help rebuild Crissy Field, The Berkley Marina, Pt. Isabel and many other sites have been the result of teamwork. In an effort to extend that teamwork into the future we are rolling out a series of new meetings to engage with our community, and with that, we’d like to introduce the SFBA Outreach meetings.

The SFBA Outreach meetings are bidirectional meetings with the community. Attendance is open to all and we hope the meetings will serve a few key functions.

  • Give community members a place to inform the SFBA of issues with access and safety
  • Create a forum to build out bidirectional communication with a coalition of partner organizations
  • Inclusive Community-based work sessions to advance our project lists 
  • Update community members on the status of ongoing issues the SFBA is working on

The SFBA outreach meetings are open to all and information on how to attend can be found on the SFBA Website Calendar. We plan on holding two meetings each month. One on a Wednesday at 7:30 pm and the other on a Thursday at 7:30 pm. These meetings will also serve as a bridge to escalate issues to the SFBA Board of Directors meetings and update our Safety Guides in real-time. 

The meetings will start with some formal structure as we cover updates on existing projects and issues and then culminate with an open section for new business. We encourage any like-minded groups to attend as we look to build stronger coalitions in areas where our interests overlap.

If you have any questions or if would like to include anything on a meeting agenda please reach out by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or you are welcome to just dial into any meeting.
You need not be an SFBA member to join in on these meetings. With that said we sure would appreciate it if you were. Click here to join us 

 San Francisco Bay access and safety working group