The SFBA's mission is protecting and enhancing recreational access to San Francisco Bay

The location of one of the best secret spots for kiting in Bay Area is betrayed by its name: Toll Plaza is one of the more underutilized locations on the Bay and you'll find it--you guessed it--at the Toll Plaza just North of the Bay Bridge.
 Unfortunately, the site has been under some duress the last few years. What started during the pandemic as one camper parked by the beach has mushroomed into a full-blown encampment, an unsafe situation for sailors, and and an environmental problem for the San Francisco Bay. The large encampment has created an epicenter for car breakins while increased trash and direct sewage runoff have been flowing directly into the waters there.


The SFBA has been working to address this issue for two years and, to be honest, struggling to make any progress. The situation at Toll Plaza is a bit more complicated, as the land falls between some hazy jurisdictions shared by the East Bay Regional Park District (which had a lease from the Port of Oakland), the Port of Oakland, which appears to technically own the land, and CalTrans, which is responsible for managing much of the land in the area. So just getting a response to our inquiries for help has been challenging, let alone getting any action towards positive change.



Recently, however, the EBRPD finally delivered a detailed historical account of why management and ownership of the land falls under the Port Authority. With the help of local access activist and longtime SFBA supporter, Jim McGrath, the SFBA was finally able to make direct contact with a Port of Oakland representative responsible for the land, and the Port now shares our desire to see Toll Plaza restored as resource for the community at large. 
The SFBA and Mr. McGrath are now working to engage all parties  responsible for maintenance of the beach. While it's taken years of advocacy, it looks as if a solution is finally in the works. As soon as we get some definitive results we'll be sure to let you know. And keep an eye out for a celebration of the return of a gem to the crown of our local launches.

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Check out the sailing scene at Toll Plaza from some better days. 

These photos are from a few months back and sadly the situation has deteriorated.