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The San Francisco Bay racing scene has been at the forefront of foil racing since the first foil flew. In fact the St' Francis Yacht club held one the worlds first Wing Foiling races on the planet. While the area is home to some of the worlds top racers what you may not know is that the racing scene is open, and inclusive, and perfect for first time racers. 

 When we say the Bay is home to some of the worlds top racers we mean it. In fact both 2024 Paris Olympians in Hydro Foil Kiteboard Racing Daniela Moroz, and Markus Edgeran, cut their teeth right here on San Francisco Bay. What makes the scene here so unique is that litterally anyone can line up with some of the words best racers and have some fun doing it. (photo by N. Osterman)

Wingfoil racing on san francisco bay

Wouldn't be cool if you could be a member of the St. Francis or Berkley Yacht Clubs? While we know the numbers behind that are pretty pricey, by joining in on the racing scene you litterally get to be a member for a day. It's one of the best values on the planet. Joining in on the St. Francis races gives you near full access to the club for you and one guest. After racing you can take a hot shower, jump in the sauna, and then head to the Grill room for dinner with all the other racers! (photo by N. Osterman)

Windsurf Foiling Racing on San Francisco Bay

And as for the calendar it is jam packed with opportunities to get racing. With racing run out of the St. Francis and Berkley Yacht Clubs you'll find  a diverse mix of Course, Slalom, and Long Distance races. You can also find some great long board windsurf racing down in Foster City with the legendary Fleet 18 Windsurfing crew, and more of the same up in Sacramento with the Lake Washington Sailing Club. 

Admist all the "beer-can" club racing there are also a few marquis events on the calendar that are a bit more geared to the hard core racers. In fact the longest runnning Windsurf Race in the world< the SF Bay Classic is on the calender for this July 27th. The Classic is not for the faint of heart. After a few triangles at near the Golden Gate Bridge racers slalom down the Bay all the way to Berkley to finish a 20+ mile race just outside the Berkley Pier. What makes this event so unique, and so hardcore, is the immediately upon finishing a second race starts. That race, known as the Ultra Nectar Challenge, is an all out mark free sprint all the way back to the St. Francis Yacht club. So regardless of how you finished in the Classic you have another chance in the UN Challenge. If racing 40 miles on San Francisco Bay is your thing put this one on your bucket list and start training now. (Photo By Chris Ray)

Kiteboard Foil Racing on San Francisco Bay

But wait, there's more. The infamous Ronstan Bay Challenge sees the entire fleet start at the same time in a single race all out downwind sprint. Starting line - the Golden Gate Bridge. Finish line - The Bay Bridge. Then to top it off the Wingfoil Championships have been merged with the Bay Challenge. While we encourage all Wing Foilers to join in the Championships the Bay Challenge is one to think twice about. Why? Well it takes the SF Bay Classic and the Ultra Nectar Challenge we described above and turns it in to one race! 

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The Fleet 18 Racing in Foster City is not just fun competitive racing its also quite the social scene. If you like Margarita's this is your crew. With that said you don't even need to be a racer to get in on the fun. These events run on the backs of volunteers so if you are willing to pitch in and help with things like timing, mark setting, or organizing just contact the race directors and your help will greatly appreciated by all. Here's a little history on the Fleet 18 scene that will also give you a flavor for the community behind it. 

So whether you Kiteboard, Windsurf, or Wing you'll find that racing is one of the best ways to just get better. Just by watching and learning from the racing community you'll find that racing can make you a better sailor all around. See you on the starting line!

Wing Foil racing on San Francisco Bay