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Rio Expression Session - Planning Meeting
Tuesday 23 May 2023, 07:00pm - 08:00pm
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Here is the current status:

- we will have prize money, trophies and gifts for winners
- there will be professional photographers at the event who will make their photos available to contestants
- there will be a $30 sign up fee for contestants. This ensure a spot, lunch and drinks and a jersey.
- we are all looking for donations from manufacturers and local shops. Erin is working on donated beer and some schwag from Ocean Rodeo, David Wells is working on schwag from local shops and Kristi said she'd approach Duatone and Core. SFBA will be donating $500 for smoked pork sandwiches and will offer a Marine Radio for raffle. We can use all the help we can get here.
- Kristi offered to help with the event flyer, setting up social media presence and spreading the word through the Kristi/Rana/Yass/Marie networks.
- Erin is looking into some safety issues to support the Expression Session

I include the notes from Erin's last email for review, but we should plan a time to hop on a call to outline what each person can help with and make sure that Erin and I can support all of you as needed:

Sherman Island Opening Day Event June 10th

Hey everyone!!
 Here is a rough outline of things that need to be done and a bit of a schedule from last year's event.  LOTS to do still to make this bigger and better than last year.  Let's hope for good winds!!

Who will make the flyer?  let's confirm all the details and sponsors before the flyer is finalized.  Event to benefit SFBA and RWVA/SIKO

Top categories only @ $300, 200, 100 each or prizes or other??

    big air  1st place only 
    freestyle 1st, 2nd, 3rd
    freestyle 1st, 2nd, 3rd,

Other possible categories:
    wing big air?? 1st place only
    best wipeout overall 1st place only 
    comedy/costume overall??
    best up-and-comer/grom overall
    low wind overall

Who will make small simple trophy plaques? Do we need them? terri? 

Who will order jerseys..   could be just all one color with number 1- 25 or so on them or use old jerseys from past events? ( i have a dozen or so old jerseys) 

    Erin will bring one for beach plus beach table
    we need one for pavillion

Andrew will bring beach PA system

Need a sound system and DJ for the main pavilion area  who will provide??

MC for expression/contest/ raffle Ray Borg / Rick / other? 

Maui Mike will bring his world famous chicken for 100 people prepared offsite. What time do we want him to show up? 11? 

Hungry Dave Hermele for sandwiches/other food

vegetarian or other dishes needed,  potato salad condiments etc etc  Terri will bring.

need more tables (LOTS as many as possible)  
folding chairs for judges and other

bottled water and beer Erin will provide 

$10 raffle ticket benefiting SFBA/RVWA includes lunch and a beverage

$30 for jersey and food/bev for competitors  Register in ADVANCE ONLY  limited to 20 riders?  maybe 1-2 last min spots? 

Expression session a little more open class?   with more riders and some last min signup??

Ken Adgate will do an advanced on land wing lesson for group

coast guard talk? Terri will contact

other low or no wind activities  (tug of war with harness/beer can tower/other??????

Medic volunteer? Where is the stretcher and other first aid located? Camp host trailer? 

Photographers Brian McDonald, Thomas Meyer, Remi, John Husby, Ron etc...

Schwag/raffle items and  prizes : 
how do we organize raffling them off?  some for prizes, some for raffle?
other small  gifts (water bottles, t-shirts etc?, etc.)

SPONSOR LIST in rough order of contribution

Rio Vista Ford
Delta windsurf
101 Surf Sports
Ocean Rodeo
Konig Beer
Bay Area Kiteboarding