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Save The Berkley Pier
Sunday 05 March 2023, 10:00am - 11:00am
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Please join me in a continuation of discussions we have started to create a group of advocates for the Berkeley Pier.  We plan to meet on March 5, 2025, from 10 until 11 at the Berkeley Yacht Club.  As a first meeting, we would like to hold it to an hour and make sure that all have similar goals.  It has been more than 7 years since the beloved Berkeley pier was closed, and during that time the City Council has not reserved any money for the eventual repair or replacement of the pier.  Despite the recent appropriation of $15 million to the Coastal Conservancy for the "marina and pier", the city does not propose to spend any of that on either repairing the pier or developing a feasible plan to do so.  We believe that the City will only devote the necessary attention and resources to the pier if there is an organized group pushing them in that direction.  We would like to form that group, to be called "Save Berkeley's Pier” and we think your participation is critical to our success.
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