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Support Berkeley Waterfront Meeting
Wednesday 12 April 2023, 07:00pm - 09:00pm
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Come to the Berkeley Parks, Recreation and Waterfront Commission meeting:
Wednesday, April 12, @ 7:00 PM
Live Oak Park Center, 1301 Shattuck (@ Berryman)—In Person
Link to agenda:

The City Council held a special waterfront work session on Monday evening, March 20.  The former BMASP plan has now morphed to the “Waterfront Specific Plan”, perhaps to acknowledge the nature of the entire area.  There were many positives, including mayor and other councilmembers starting to talk about “building on what’s there” and recognition of fiscal anomalies in marina financial management.  However, some councilmembers still have the impression that “no one goes to the marina” and are still pushing a largely commercial area as the only way to “bring people to the waterfront,” to generate revenue to “save the marina.”  

At the Berkeley Parks, Recreation and Waterfront Commission this Wednesday evening, April 12: 

  • Vision: Ask the commissioners to support the waterfront without losing nature as a central focus, by preserving free and low-cost public access and fixing the finances. 
  • Nature and Equity:  Emphasize that any plan for development, maintenance and services must be centered around equitable access to our waterfront. 
  • Open the Pier: Ask the City to integrate fixing and re-opening the pier into the overall planning effort. The Berkeley Pier is a regional jewel.  Ask the City to explore regional or state financing to re-build and re-open the pier (estimated cost of $37 million) on its own merits, not necessarily with the WETA ferry. 
  • Fix the financing:  Request that, please, as a Commission, dig deeply into the fiscal issues that got the marina into such a mess, and make sure the fiscal information is available to all stakeholders. 
  • Process: Ask that the Parks, Recreation and Waterfront (PRW) Commission be enlisted to review draft plans for the Waterfront.  Residents and commissioners are crucial in planning for Berkeley’s waterfront. Developing a consensus for a new vision at the marina that is sustainable requires a deep discussion with and among the various stakeholders, not just a minute before the City Council during a long agenda.  That should be your role.
  • Last but not least: Let the commissioners know how you and your family enjoy Berkeley’s waterfront.

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Meeting video and agenda packet:

Location Live Oak Park Center, 1301 Shattuck (@ Berryman)—In Person