The SFBA's mission is protecting and enhancing recreational access to San Francisco Bay


We wanted to do a quick safety alert to let you know of a safety issue at Baywinds Park aka Third Ave. (photos Courtesy SF Bay Water Trail)

3rd ave
Special thanks to Ozy Mandias who wrote the below article we lifted from Facebook. 3rd Ave is going through some changes this summer and with lower launch closed it's become even more important we all get on the same page. If you sail 3rd Ave please read this. 

swimmers in the open water

The effects of the pandemic on outdoor recreation are still being felt. The resulting explosion in participation has meant we see a lot more traffic at our local recreation access points as well as on the water. At the same time this participation growth was occurring we were simultaneously blessed with a dynamic new sport, Wingfoiling, that only accelerated that growth.


The San Francisco Boardsailing Association (SFBA) has been protecting and expanding access to San Francisco Bay for over 40 years. In fact, when we started there really was only one kind of boardsailing, windsurfing. It was quite a lucky move however that we went with the generic “boardsailing” in our name as innovation has brought us lots of new ways to have fun on the water. So, whether you Kiteboard, Wing Foil, Windsurf, Kite Foil, or Wind Foil it's all board sailing to us.