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Pt Emery
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Point Emery is a long-established windsurfing location and is an excellent kiteboarding location if conditions are right and skills are sufficient to ensure that a rider can stay upwind. Kiters typically launch from a small sandy beach located just north of the Point Emery parking lot. Windsurfers will either launch from the beach or walk across riprap and launch near the western point of the park. The site is used by boardsailors due to its consistent winds, convenient location, and sufficiently wide beach and adjacent rigging area. Gear can be rigged on the beach or on the grass area within the park.

Use: Optimal wind conditions, a sandy beach, and a convenient location make Point Emery an
important boardsailing site. Over 20 sailors a day launch and land at the beach under ideal conditions. Rigging / Launching: Kiters will park in the small Point Emery parking lot or along the frontage road and walk their gear to the beach to launch. Gear can be rigged on the beach or on the grass/ice plant area within the park and launch from the beach.


Safety: This site is recommended for advanced riders only. The narrow beach and proximity to roadways make the beach suitable for only for experienced kiters. Limiting obstructions within the dunes and beach area is critical to maintaining safety.


Amenities: There is pavement for 13 vehicles at Point Emery with additional parking along the frontage road. Within the park, facilities are limited to benches and a walking path. Space is shared with sunbathers, walkers, dogs, and other beach-goers making for limited parking and a very small launch. Only come here if you are very advanced.

Skill Level - High.  Strengths The site’s relative advantages • Sandy beach with adequate space for boardsailing rigging and launching • World-class views with consistent winds • Convenient location with easy access from several major freeways • Long history of boardsailing use with high levels of existing use Weaknesses Issues or characteristics that limit or degrade site use unless they are eliminated or minimized • Proximity to roadways and the riprap shoreline, as well as the need to immediately go upwind make the site suitable only to experienced boardsailors • Small space for launching result in high demand for beach space resulting in more opportunities for negative interactions among user groups Opportunities Actions that could contribute to improved site use and/or user experience • Work with City of Emeryville and other stakeholders to ensure planned shoreline protection project does not diminish boardsailor access or create new safety/use hazards • Potential improvements at the Point, such as a ramp, could make the site suitable for kiters to launch from the west end of the park • Implement SFBA safety program, plus docents & outreach materials to ensure visitors and those less familiar with the site understand proper use and etiquette Threats Factors or trends that could threaten site use • Loss of beach from erosion and longer-term sea level rise • Placement of new impediments between parking / rigging area and the beach • Kiters not following proper safety practices, resulting in hazards to other users. ​