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Tomales is good in winter and early spring on the West side of the bay mid day for steadier winds and some
warmth, check the sand bar just North of Inverness N. or S. winds 10-25. Kiting from "grassy point" on the East side is do-able in spring on N.W. clearing winds 10-25, watch for building wind which can blowout at 30+. Summer is usually dead. Some good Fall days.

If you are coming out to Tomales Bay from the 101 corridor, I suggest going to Millerton Point and launch from there. Its a short walk from the parking lot out to the launch site, but the wind is cleaner on the east side of the bay than the west side. There is very little chop @ this location because of Millerton Point, the cove just to the south of Millerton is all butter, but there are some 2-3ft rollers in the channel. When is blowing over 20 there are no wind holes, however there is a hole that can develop behind the high point of Millerton when its blowing less than 20.

Lawsons Landing 

North on Highway one is Lawsons landing just south of Dillon Beach.